Car Hacks: Keeping A Laundry Basket in Your Trunk �

Depending on how prepared you like to be, there can be a long list of things to keep in your car. An emergency kit makes every list. If you're a parent, you probably have your essential kit based on the ages of your kid. Then, of course, there's the stuff you don't like to be without.�

But a great thing that you should add is actually something empty - a laundry basket.�

Why? When you go grocery shopping or run errands, you probably get a good amount of plastic bags. These bags can be a pain for two reasons. First, they don't stand up straight and tend to spill out as you drive, and second, they can be a pain to carry inside.�

Yes, using the reusable bags at the grocery store is a smart choice and solves some of these issues. I use this trick more after mall shopping and errand running.�

If you keep an empty laundry basket in your trunk, you can toss bags into it as you run your errands. The bags will stay contained. Then, when you get home, instead of gathering the handles of multiple bags and trying to carry them all into the house, you simply pick up the laundry basket (much better on your back!) and carry the whole basket in. One trip, no spills. Easy. You also know that everything is contained, and you don't have to worry about anything spilling out and potentially getting lost.�
Once you've gotten inside and unloaded, put the empty basket back in the trunk for next time! Or, if you're smart, keep it by the door, and use it for things you need to carry out to the car - dry cleaning, library books, items to return - and you'll be set for the next trip!

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