Keeping Your Vehicle In Excellent Shape For Long Island, NY Drivers

A car stands to be a valuable investment yet owning one, be it a brand new car or a used car, asks for a lot of diligence. It has to be taken care of thoroughly for ensuring its durability and to avoid any kind of breakdowns. Following a regular maintenance schedule will help you in extending the life of your car and while encouraging an excellent performance. 

Drive with Care

Do not accelerate your engine while starting your car up all at once, because doing this can cause the engine of your car to wear. Accelerate your car slowly as you begin to drive. Change the gear to neutral at red lights to give the engine some time to rest.

Give Your Car A Wash Once A Week

Washing your car keeps it away from corrosion and makes it look shiny and clean. Make sure that you clean the interiors of the cars as well. Vacuum the interior of your car thoroughly and clean the lenses on the dashboard by wiping them with a soft damp cloth. Take out the mats and hose them or brush them down. This will clear off the dirt that will otherwise create wear in case they add up. Get the mats thoroughly dried in the sun before you place them back in the car.

Wax Your Car

Waxing your car on a regular basis shields the paint of your car by slowing its oxidation, and by creating a bar for pollution and bird droppings. It gives a glossy look to the car as well.

Park the Car in the Shade

Parking the car away from sun and not in the open prevents it from any kind of interior damage from UV rays and shields the car's paint as well. In case a shaded area is not available, use a car shade for minimizing the impact of the sun.

Change The Oil Of The Engine and Filter It Regularly

A number of car manuals suggest increasing the number of intervals between the changes of oil. Moreover, frequent oil changes are important particularly if you have a used car. Frequent oil changes flush out the abrasive dirt and particles of metal out of the engine, therefore increasing the durability of the engine. Change the filters of oil since the old filters contain build up dirt particles and oil that will otherwise mix and remain with the new clean oil.

Keeping your car properly maintained is important, but you don't have to do it alone. Take advantage of our excellent Mopar Service Department, where we can offer expert care to keep your vehicle in great shape. Contact Us to learn more about those services offered!

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